SA1 Telecoms do all the hard work, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Changing telecommunications providers couldn’t be easier

One of our highly trained specialists will discuss with you your current set up. What you like and don’t like about the system you have in place and your vision for your organisation. You can then sit back and relax while SA1 Telecoms does an analysis on your call costs and usage and then tailors a telecommunication solution that suits your business needs.

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It all starts with a phone call to discuss your current situation and what your business needs
Create your bespoke telecommunication systems

SA1 Telecoms prides ourselves on working alongside organisations to ensure we provide you with a tailored, bespoke solution. Once you are happy with the solution we propose, one of our highly efficient project managers will create a plan that ensures the smoothest of transitions to your new SA1 Telecoms tailored telecoms solution.

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Along with our project managers, we discuss the best solution for you and guide you through the process of implementation
We build and test your new system

The bespoke system that we design for you will be built and tested by our experienced engineers, before it goes live you will be provided access to test your new platform and make sure you have all the features that you require. Only once you are happy will we push the new system live.

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Your system will be built and tested by our highly experienced engineers before being pushed live.
Working to fit your timescales

This whole process is done in your timescales. SA1 Telecoms has experience helping organisations in all situations. Whether you are in an urgent situation and need communications set up asap. Or a large organisation who would rather take the time to plan what they would like and how they would like it.

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We go live when you and your business are ready.
We're ready for training and support

SA1 Telecoms can also train you on how to edit your communications platform so that once live you have complete control.

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Our training and support are available for you and your team once your solution is live.

Having a simple to use and up-to-date communications system is key to our business, which is why we consulted with SA1 Telecoms when it came to moving site.

Ben Simmons, BCB International
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