Business Broadband South Wales: A fast and reliable connection is essential to any business.

We offer tailored packages for your needs including fibre, leased line, FTTC and fixed line broadband

We provide download speeds in South Wales of up to 80Mbps and upload speed of 20Mbps

SA1 Telecoms are an industry leader broadband provider in South Wales and for broadband package with many packages that can be tailored to suit your business, from Fibre Broadband to Fixed Line.

In most scenarios we can have your broadband installed and your organisation up and running within 10 working days. With that being said, we also provide 24/7 UK-based monitoring of all our broadband products.

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Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband in South Wales is fast. High speed is becoming the broadband option of choice. With the latest advancements in broadband technology, fibre optic broadband is promising super-fast speeds and is making consumers connection to the internet faster than ever.

Fibre optic icon on orange background
Promising super-fast speeds for all your daily internet needs

Leased Line in South Wales

This is a dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange point, it has fixed bandwidth and a fixed subscription cost. Leased lines provide the same speeds for upload and download, meaning if you complete data hungry tasks this could be the option for you.

Internet cable and tower on green background
Leased Line is internet connection solely dedicated to you, making it the fastest and most reliable service.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

FTTC broadband is one of the most common methods of delivering fibre optic broadband in the UK. Fibre to the cabinet involves using existing street cabinets and infrastructure, meaning this method of delivering superfast broadband is much cheaper and easier to deliver than its counterpart.

Fibre cabinet icon with black map marker
Fibre to the cabinet is much cheaper and easier to deliver than its counterpart FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

Fixed Line

An internet connection delivered via your phone line, this is one of the more widely available broadband sources and if you already have a phone line into your premises it could be the cheaper option.

Phone and wifi icon on red background
Fixed line can be the cheapest option with an internet connection via telephone
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