Dawsons Estate Agency

Dawsons Estate Agency Dawson’s is Swansea’s largest Independent Estate Agent and currently has 8 branches throughout the area.

Dawson’s rely on SA1 to provide managed IT support across their business. We currently support Dawson’s in elements such as broadband, hardware, email, Microsoft Suite, software licencing and security.

Who are Dawsons? How do we help?

SA1 Solutions are part of a group of organisations called SA1 Group, we are a group of organisations providing a one stop shop solution for our customers. Dawson’s use all three elements of the SA1 Group, with their IT provided by SA1 Solutions, VoIP telecommunication provided by SA1 Telecoms and their website through SA1 Creative. SA1 provides Dawson’s with a tailored hosted cloud telephony platform that connect all branches across the organisation. Since moving to SA1’s VoIP platform Dawson’s have seen multiple benefits, including better visibility and control for management. Previously there was no connection between the branches, now there is a seamless connection. Dawsons also have complete control over their system, they can edit it in real time and make changes as and when they require. For example, if one branch needs to close early one day they can simply upload a new answerphone message or divert the calls to another branch with a click of a button!

  • Dawsons Estate Agency
  • Estate Agency
  • VoIP, broadband and business mobiles
  • Over 10 Years
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